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Suzanne Qualia – Executive Coach – Qualia Inc.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
— Rollo May, 1963 article “Freedom and Responsibility Re-Examined”

CONSCIOUSNESS = The ability to recognize the space for CHOICE.
LEADERSHIP = Inspiring and motivating to a greater vision and outcome.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Recognizing the space for choice and choosing leadership behaviors that inspire and motivate others toward a greater vision and outcomes.

Why does Conscious Leadership Matter?

Because leadership effectiveness is measured by others according to our IMPACT, NOT by our INTENT.

Conscious Leadership Executive Coaching Colorado

How do I elevate my leadership IMPACT, to achieve greater engagement, inspiration and innovation with my team?
By Consciously leading with Presence, Purpose and People focus …

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What mindsets and skillsets make me a conscious leader? 

  • Deeper Purpose:
    • Discover your leadership vision — what is your leadership “why”?
    • Think more strategically
    • Inspire and motivate others to a bigger vision of success
  • Focus on People:
    • Expand influence and relationship building skills
    • Build trust with others:
      • Listening skills
      • Assertive and engaging communication
    • Coach others to achieve their full potential
  • Elevated Presence:
    • Increase emotional intelligence 
    • Elevate executive presence
      • Communication
      • Confidence
      • Credibility
    • Identify your leadership “brand”

Just how important is it to become a conscious Leader?
Think of the worst boss you ever had (likely an “unconscious leader,” not aware of their impact). 

  • How excited were you to come to work?
  • How stressed were you?
  • How motivated were you to give your very best?
  • How engaged was the rest of the team?

As you can see, conscious leadership brings an immense amount of benefits to the leader and the  entire team — fueling the passion and focus of my executive coaching practice.

Ready to talk further?
Feel free to contact me anytime to explore how you can upskill as a conscious leader. I work with busy leaders like you during whatever times are best for YOU to focus on leadership development.