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Qualia Inc. knows how to create destination workplaces.

Qualia Inc. works with progressive, future-thinking businesses and organizational leaders who have a strong vision and passion to create and cultivate a destination workplace.

It starts with developing inspiring, impactful, and balanced leaders.

Secondly, it’s important to build resilient teams that are engaged, inspired, and motivated to succeed!

Those two ingredients create an organizational culture that serves all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environments in which they reside). The organization is then empowered to become an industry leader in all aspects. Over time, heads turn at the mention of your company name and “how to” case studies are written about your company’s success. Your organization becomes the “destination workplace”, ending your retention, hiring and turnover struggles.


Is this your vision?

If so, Suzanne Qualia will partner with you to thoroughly understand your vision and work with you to craft the right solution by incorporating processes and tools that will enable you, your leaders, and your teams to make that vision a reality.

These tools include executive one-on-one coaching, leadership development, group coaching for your managers, and personal transformation for your teams.

All approaches are neuroscience based, using the power of the brain to evoke significant shifts.


Isn’t it time for your culture shift vision to become a reality?!

What about a “shift” from:

  • Stuck to thriving!
  • Stress to creativity!
  • Frustration, negativity, distrust and fear to kindness, caring, compassion, and trust!

How would the world be different if you, your leaders, and your teams were creating a higher vision for your business, one that is based in consciousness and creativity? What if your business was operating from your stated core values? What could be possible? What holds you back from achieving this vision?


Contact Suzanne at Qualia, Inc. to start planning for this journey!

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Executive Coach / Certified Facilitator

Suzanne has 25 years of corporate executive leadership experience in optimizing global supply chains for manufacturing organizations like Sub-Zero Wolf, Fiskars, JI Case, and Land O’Lakes. She knows the day-to-day challenges leaders and organizations face in achieving balance (i.e., results AND a positive values-driven organization).

In 2012, Suzanne left the corporate environment to fully focus on her passions of leadership and team development in order to effect culture shifts and change, and she helps businesses achieve bottom line results in unique ways.

She completed studies with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as well as the Center for Executive Coaching. In 2013, she achieved certification as a NCS Consultant, understanding the power of neuroscience-based processes and tools to facilitate positive culture shifts for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. She walks the talk and can speak the language of business to help bring that reality to life for your organization as well!


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