Suzanne Qualia, Qualia Inc. — Executive Coaching

Here at Qualia, Inc., the path to conscious leadership involves three steps:

  • Assessments
  • Development Planning
  • Executive Coaching


Unsure of what’s contributing to the gap between your great INTENT and actual IMPACT? Assessments often provide key insights into strength and development opportunity areas. Suzanne is a certified practitioner in assessments covering 360 degree feedback, emotional intelligence and personality. The debrief process helps uncover the insights from the assessments that will inform leadership development planning.

Development Planning

Focusing our executive coaching around one or two biggest gaps between intention and impact can elevate conscious leadership the fastest.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a perfect development tool for busy leaders who benefit from a customized, tailored, 1:1, efficient, productive, comprehensive approach. Using a coach approach, along with applicable frameworks and tools, opens up doorways to new perspectives, applications and outcomes creation.

How does this type of leadership coaching achieve big outcomes?

  • As your coach, I use two key skills of asking open ended questions and active listening that guide you to:
    • Create a new vision of success
    • Uncover what’s getting in your way of success
    • Shift attitudes and perspectives that open doorways to new possibilities
    • Inspire you to action to create new outcomes in alignment with your vision

Ready to talk further?
Feel free to contact me anytime to explore how you can upskill as a conscious leader. I work with busy leaders like you during whatever times are best for YOU to focus on leadership development.