aligning leadership intent with impact

Executive leaders today face unprecedented levels of stress, overwhelm, and pressure. Effective coaching can enable executives to increase their effectiveness, improve employee engagement, enhance employee morale, and manage organizational change. Findings show that 86% of companies at least made an equal return on investment, with 28% achieving an ROI of 50%. The median company return is 700%.* By combining a strong vision, empowering culture, and clear strategies, along with daily employee support and direction, executives become more effective leaders.


What happens when you “lead from the inside out?”

  • You achieve health, vitality, balance, and optimal effectiveness

  • You are anchored, grounded, and working from a space of aliveness vs. struggle

  • Your team becomes more engaged and motivated

  • Your organization achieves better bottom-line results


My Executive Coaching is both one-on-one and a personalized approach. I work with leaders at ALL levels of an organization who already are strong leaders looking to keep their “edge”, or those who are wanting to hone their skills. Leaders who come to me typically are looking to engage around and sharpen their skills in these areas:

C-Level, VP

  • Increasing executive “presence”
  • Strategy and execution alignment
  • Balance
  • Confidential advisor/sounding board

Sr. Director, Director

  • Making that full transition from manager to leader
  • Staying out of the day to day whirlwind and aligning on the strategic priorities of the organization
  • Developing leadership “presence” (confidence, credibility and communication)
  • Increasing influence and power base in the organization
  • Engage and mobilize my team
  • Leadership vision and “personal brand”

Sr. Manager, Manager

  • Making the transition from a successful individual contributor to manager/leader
  • Listening skills
  • Giving appreciative and constructive feedback
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Developing a Situational Leadership ™ style
  • Leader as coach
  •  Developing and growing my team
  • Building my “leadership and personal brand”
  • Time management




An experienced, trained, and dedicated coach

  • 20 years corporate leadership experience
  • 6 years formalized, certified coaching experience

Engagement length customized to your needs

  • Minimum 3 month engagement for any behavior shift
  • 6 months optimal
  • Customizable

Flexibility in scheduling

  • Weekly sessions
  • Bi-weekly sessions
  • Monthly sessions

Assessments available including

  • 360
  • Profile XT
  • LEA 360
  • Use yours already recently completed


Initial In-depth discovery session

  • Review of 360, performance feedback and other data

Goal setting and measurement process

On-going coaching based on your goals and objectives utilizing neuroscience principles

  • Defining action items at the end of each meeting

In between session follow up support

Results measurement at interim and end of engagement

  • Minimum ROI of 2-10 times investment


“I have really enjoyed and appreciated the time that we have spent together. I think you have great insights, a marvelous way to get to point, and you have helped me so much. I know that I have not always been the best to work with as I can get distracted by the things going around me so I hope that you see the positive changes that you have guided me to make. I definitely, definitely appreciate everything. It’s been a great time.”

Creative Director, local software company

“I cannot thank you enough for your leadership and for sharing all your “smarts” with me to make me a better, sharper, educated leader!”

Leader at telecommunications company – Chicago, IL

….”Thanks for being such a valuable part of my career journey.  I appreciate your listening skills, your advice and the tools your experience has yielded.  Looking forward to working with you again in 2017!”

General Manager, Manufacturing company – Minneapolis, MN


If you’re looking to create a values-driven culture shift in your organization and learn more about executive coaching, leadership development, or team transformation, contact me today and discover how I can help!