change your thinking, change your world

What about teams that are locked into negative thinking (negative states of BEING), which are adversely affecting those around them and the bottom line results of the organization? What can be done about that?





What results could your business achieve if employees learned new tools and processes that could transform them individually and your team, collectively?


The “team” consists of individuals who bring their own sets of thoughts, choices, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions to the table each and every day. To shift a the team, work needs to take place at the individual level. Each team member contributes to either stress or creativity and either remaining stuck or productive.

The “Change Your Mind…Create New Results” workshop — based on the work of global lecturer, neuroscientist, and author Dr. Joe Dispenza — is a powerful 8-hour training program grounded in the rapidly emerging field of neuroscience.

Individuals learn how to harness the incredible power of their brain and, as a result, are inspired to think in new ways, break old habits, be more creative, and enjoy increased productivity. This workshop assists individuals and their respective teams by providing them with the knowledge, process, and tools to evoke their own transformation from THINKING to DOING to BEING a positive contributor toward the new, desired culture.

Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified consultants around the world. These Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultants are qualified to deliver the “Change Your Mind…Create New Results” workshop to teams within an organizational or business setting.


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This workshop is based on the emerging research in the field of neuroscience that says that we are not as “hardwired” as we once thought or were led to believe. Neuroplasticity, that is, the power of our brain to connect new neural networks (rewiring) and to break old neural networks (unwiring), is now better understood.

The process of unwiring and rewiring is a learned skill and the CYM…CNR workshop gives participants the process, model, and tools to develop these skills in order to create a new future.

Participants move from being a negative, or indifferent, contributor to a positive contributor within the new culture via first developing awareness, then practice, and finally, mastery of the neuroscience model for personal change. This translates into team and organizational change.




  • 8 hours of workshop content, delivered through multimedia, engaging exercises, activities, and customized examples
  • Optimal group size of 10-20
  • 30/60/90 day post-workshop results measurement
  • 30 Days to Genius journal and post-workshop exercises
  • Optional follow-on group and/or individual coaching


Course Content:

  • 2 main models for personal change are introduced early in the course:
    • Personality / Personal Reality models
  • Remainder of the workshop focuses on the process and tools that break the resistance to change and creates the “shift” toward the participants’ desired, new future state:
    • How to change
    • Survival (stress) vs. Creation (creativity)
    • The power of our 3 brains
    • Mindfulness / mental rehearsal / meditation



  • Lowered stress

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Greater ability to accept and adapt to changes within the organization

  • Culture shift toward a values-driven, performance-based culture


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