developing leaders to reach their maximum potential

Suzanne QualiaI am uniquely qualified to partner with your executives, leaders, and their teams on this improved culture journey. Why is that?


Because I’ve held front-line to executive leadership positions  in small, medium, as well as large organizations, for over 20 years — I have walked the walk. I know the language of business. I am acutely familiar with the day-to-day challenges and stressors that all managers and leaders are under each and every day.

This deep experience makes working with me very efficient — we won’t get caught up in you helping me understand the details, freeing us up to focus on intended outcomes instead.

Additionally, this foundation of strong business experience provides the depth and power of multiple and broad perspectives. This helps clients shift into new ways of thinking and approaching situations vs. being stuck in the past, achieving new outcomes and possibilities.


  • I believe it’s crucial for businesses to thrive and flourish in order to add value and create wealth in the world.
  • I believe in the necessity of businesses operating in a positive, conscious culture so that they can provide places where employees can thrive and grow, living in conscious states.
  • I believe achieving this conscious culture is possible because, at our core, we all possess the ability and desire to live and lead from this place.
  • I believe with the proper knowledge, processes, guidance, coaching, and support, this ability and desire can be unleashed, opening up new possibilities and potentials for executives, leaders, and teams, thereby creating a better world for all.



If you’re looking to create a values-driven culture shift in your organization and learn more about executive coaching, leadership development, or team transformation, contact me today and discover how I can help!